1 Cleanse, 3 Ways: Which Pressed Juicery Cleanse Is For You?

Each year at New Year’s, Pressed Juicery gets as busy as can be as it seems the whole world joins in on a good and green juice cleanse – our own office staff included! One question Pressed Juicery folks hear all the time from juicers relates to picking between our Cleanse 1, 2 and 3: “How do I know which juice cleanse is right for me?”

Take a cue from our own team. We stormed Pressed Juicery headquarters in LA and are sharing profiles of three employees below. All live varying degrees of the Pressed Juicery lifestyle, and they all love a good juice cleanse. While lifestyles vary wildly at Pressed Juicery headquarters, one thing is certain: we all know how to cleanse – and every one of us seems to do it differently! Check out how these three members of the Pressed Juicery family cleanse and pick up tips for making your juice cleanse count. Find the team member you relate to most and try the cleanse that works best for you. Happy juicing!

[olists num=1]
[olists num=2]
[olists num=3]

from The Chalkboard http://thechalkboardmag.com/1-cleanse-3-ways-which-pressed-juicery-cleanse-is-for-you


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