Getting Started: 9 Pre-Cleanse Recipes To Start Your Cleanse Right

you’re finally setting aside time for that long-awaited juice cleanse and your Pressed Juicery juices are in the mail. So…how are you going to prepare for it? In the time leading up to your juice cleanse you have the opportunity to set the stage for how successful you will be on your cleanse, and how efficiently your body will be able to detox. How you prepare is just as important as whether or not you complete your cleanse. We suggest starting your cleanse off right with this pre-cleanse food menu.

In order to properly prepare the body for a juice cleanse, it is necessary to eliminate the intake of hard-to-digest, toxic foods, and replace them with easy-to-digest, healing foods. Eliminate refined sugar and flour, animal products including dairy, packaged and processed foods, and fried foods from your diet. Instead, include plant-based foods, including soups, salads, smoothies, gluten-free grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and fermented foods. By making these changes, you can ease the body from solid to liquids, without the typical shock to the system. Plus, these foods promote the movement of toxins through the body, preparing your system for a deeper cleansing process.

By following these guidelines, the body can focus on increasing the functioning of the main detoxification pathways (kidneys, liver, and intestine), which is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of your juice cleanse. The more the body is able to move toxins out of the body through these pathways, the more efficiently toxins are safely removed, allowing you to reap more benefits on your cleanse.

from The Chalkboard


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